Inside Mazza Mechanical’s Sheet Metal Shop

Inside Mazza Mechanical's Sheet Metal Shop

Step inside our sheet metal shop and witness our talented technicians in action, meticulously fabricating high-quality HVAC components. At Mazza Mechanical, our team excels in designing, building, and maintaining advanced systems with hands-on experience and a collaborative approach. We leverage our extensive expertise and streamlined design process to eliminate costly changes and ensure optimal results. Each build showcases our commitment to precision and excellence, reflecting the expertise and dedication our team brings to every project.

Beyond HVAC system fabrication, our skilled craftsmen are proficient in working with a wide variety of metals such as aluminum, stainless steel and copper. Additionally, we offer complete custom fabrication services for specialty items. These are all designed to your exact specifications and crafted with the utmost precision. This includes items such as hoods, pans, racks, stands, gutters and flashing. At Mazza, our team is always ready to tackle any custom challenge, delivering solutions that perfectly meet your needs.

We’re equipped with state-of-the-art tools like our plasma cutter, which lays out and cuts pieces for ductwork fittings, and our ductwork line, which cuts, bends and seams rectangular ductwork. At Mazza, we handle a wide range of applications inside our sheet metal shop, from HVAC and dust collection to material transfer and energy recovery systems.

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