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Mazza Mechanical Company



Founded in 1932 as Mazza Bros., the company specialized in sheet metal fabrication as well as heating and ventilation systems. In 1965, the company was officially incorporated as Mazza Sheet Metal, with Joseph DeRose serving as managing partner. By 1974, Joe was the sole owner of the business. Truly a family-owned and operated business, Joe’s four sons spent many years working in the field and office, getting their hands dirty and learning the trade. In December 2004, Mazza purchased the Buffalo, N.Y., Linc Service® franchise and followed that up with the nearby Rochester franchise a few years later. With the Linc Service® franchise, the company had the opportunity to grow its service business. Through the decades, Mazza evolved from a two-person sheet metal shop into a thriving, full-service mechanical contractor that employs over 100 people throughout the region. Today, Mazza designs, engineers, installs, and maintains each system in house, and stands behind its work to ensure complete customer satisfaction.




Mazza Brothers Founded

Founded as Mazza Brothers by Milo and Edd Mazza, the company began as a sheet metal fabrication shop producing everything from roofing, screen doors, awnings, and windows to ductwork for ventilation and heating systems.


Mazza Sheet Metal

The company was incorporated as Mazza Sheet Metal Inc., with Milo Mazza, Walter Kula, and Joseph DeRose serving as corporate officers.


Joseph DeRose

Joseph DeRose became the sole owner. Today, the business continues to be privately owned and operated by the family.


Dan and Ledgie DeRose

Joseph’s sons, Daniel, President, and Ledgie, Vice President, took over management of the business after the death of their father.

July 2004

Jamestown Office

Mazza opened an office in Jamestown to better serve its rapidly growing southern NY and PA clientele. The Jamestown office consists of engineering and sales staff.

December 2004

Linc Service

Acquired Linc Services franchise for the Buffalo territory to offer proactive preventative maintenance solutions.


Transition and Growth

The company integrated as Mazza Mechanical Services to better reflect its status as a full-service mechanical contractor.

July 2007

Buffalo Office

Mazza opened an office in Orchard Park as part of the vision for growing our Buffalo customer base.


$1M in Maintenance

Mazza received the Maintenance Base Achievement Award in recognition of outstanding performance in over $1 million in the Linc Service Maintenance base.


Orchard Park, NY

Mazza purchases office and fabrication space in Orchard Park, NY to better serve our rapidly expanding Buffalo area customer base.


The National Safety Council

The National Safety Council recognizes Mazza for operating 100,000 employee hours without a lost time incident due to accident or injury.


National Contractor Insurance recognizes Mazza

National Contractor Insurance (NCI) recognizes Mazza with an Award of Excellence for outstanding Risk Control, performing in the top 25% of all members.


$5M in Maintenance

Mazza’s Service group achieves a maintenance base of over $5M, further demonstrating our ability to exceed our customer’s expectations through superior service.